That mystic moment when the year changes

That mystic moment when the year changes...

On the verge of a New Year it is perfect time to create something different! And it is always nice to start a new year by challenging old routines and trying something new… And therefore because my drawings are usually made on to the white paper, it was really interesting to draw on black paper for a change and work in reverse.

When typically starting with lighter shading towards darker tones on white paper, this drawing was instead all about building a path from the darkest shadows towards the light. And already the pitch black paper itself had that compelling and a bit mysterious feel in it.

In this drawing above I sought for that mystic moment when the year changes and inside the homes rich colors glow and bring light and warmth into the winter night darkness. That very special moment when the recent holiday season´s mood still lingers around the houses and those festive Christmas poinsettias are ever more blooming.

And yet in the same time one can feel that closeness of the upcoming New Year and anticipate those new ideas that are already soon coloring that mystical atmosphere with new tones. In this illustration the soft light pink roses were giving those same kinds of fresh touches into the character´s rose dress, brightening it up like a breeze of new year´s refreshing ideas.

The mystic style of the character was created by drawing on to black paper with strong colors, especially with the red tones. Adding then also some cold and light tones into the drawing helped to give the impression like the character would almost be approaching the viewer from the shadowy surroundings. Maybe the character with her blooming floral dress was waiting in the shadows that exact moment when the year changes - and the new day can arise.

In this drawing above I was exploring how many layers and details could be done into the upper part of the dress and into the character´s face in such a small size. Even in the smallest details in the facial area the colors were built up by several layers to give that gloomy impression to the character´s face. Blue was added to character´s eyes and eye lids by layering the colors - as well as the strong red for her lips with the same technique.  Building the character´s miniature sized face and features through several colored pencil layers was intriguing.

The finishing touch to this illustration was added with the shining golden tones. The character had those small golden details added on to the upper part of her dress as well as in the area of the earrings. But the golden tones were added also into the hair as small dots, that were forming a kind of miniature crown on her head… Because in the New Year´s Eve, during that mystic moment - the character might have been even the queen of that mysterious night.

Wishing Happy New Year 2020 to all blog readers!
May your year start with rosy dreams and refreshing ideas ❤️

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