New Year´s Eve dress 2018

Happy New Year 2018!
Wishing you joy, positive energy and creative moments ❤️✨

One year. Just a chain of days...
Like a fragile path made of flower petals.

And just like orange fireworks on that path... a New Year´s Eve dress!

For the New Year´s floral dress I wanted to create something colorful. This time the dress was made of carnations. The mixture of orange and yellow colors in the petals was giving energy to the whole illustration. The colorful play reminded me of the fireworks and all those joyful New Year´s celebrations.

I wanted to give a bit more contrast to the illustration and added some blue-green layers to the drawing with the colored pencils. As a result the character has turquoise color on her orange dress - and turquoise on the eyelids too. I chose those more blue-green shades as a  special color effect to this drawing, although the exact complementary color for orange is primary blue.

In the drawing there is also green shades on character´s dress. The layers of green in the drawing were matching with those green parts of the carnations and that was also helping to unify the character with the floral dress.

Orange carnations gave that boost of energy into the start of the year 2018 and colored the first days of the New year.

The start of the New Year is also a perfect time to thank you all for reading Sandcastle´s blog...
A big thank you!  And a special thank you also for all the likes, comments and support in the social media.

Happy New Year 2018!
Let´s be creative!

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