Red and white purple carnations… And her green eyes!

This floral dress design above was completed with red and white purple carnations.

Already from the start the drawn character was designed to have a strong red and dramatic style that was lightened with the white purple carnations. Those white purple carnation flowers were balancing that red style and lightening the mood of the whole design.

And in the same way also those drawn flower like decorations on the upper part of the character were designed to lighten those darkest colored pencil layers of the drawn figure (picture below).

The drawn flower decorations were designed to resemble a bit of those real white purple carnations of the floral dress, but still have that feeling of being part of the drawn dress decoration. And while drawing I was then keeping those flower decorations also a bit plainer when compared to the real flowers.

When drawing this character I used several colored pencil layers to create that miniature face with skin tones. And the character´s hair was colored with several purple red layers - and also with almost white and cool greyish highlight colors.

In addition in the picture below you can see more clearly the green eyes of the character. That intense green tone as a complementary colour to the powerful red was creating a contrast...  and almost like building also a dialogue between those two colors. Guess this time the character needed those intense green eyes (and that look) in her style?

In this design the character was designed to match the colors of her floral dress. And as a result this design is having a strong red style with touches of white purple and green.

Stay strong and brave everyone!❤️ With this illustration I´m sending you light and strenght!

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