Glimmering and Happy New Year 2021!

Last glance at the past year… When the year changes, take with you the moments that bloomed and memories that sparkled.

This floral dress above was designed for the New Year´s Eve. This time the character was drawn like she would be looking over her shoulder, as if she would be taking that last glance at the ending year. Maybe she is contemplating that past year, that was so different in many ways. 

In this illustration it was nice to emphasize the back of the character´s dress and draw the character from a different angle for a change.

After drawing the character and adding the golden and red shimmering details on her back, the design was then completed with dark red roses and carnations. Golden glitters were then added also on to the flowers to emphasize that special New Year´s festive style.

Sending light and energy to you and wishing you Happy New Year 2021! ❤️

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