Yesterday´s flower

Do you still remember that yesterday´s flower?

This older drawing that I named as “Yesterday´s  Flower” was all about vintage mood, nostalgia and that little touch of yellow…

This drawing was a combination of pencil layers and a little touch of yellow from a colored pencil.

Sometimes it is nice to try different combinations with pencils and colored pencils. Different variations are so captivating. And it´s always so exciting to see, how those so small changes in the color balance can eventually change the whole mood of the picture.

Sometimes it can be just that little addition from the colored pencil that changes the whole atmosphere. Like that little hint of yellow that lights up the whole drawing.

For this drawing I wanted to create an atmosphere that really radiates nostalgia. I also wanted to emphasize the flower in the headband.  For that reason I designed the flower also to resemble an old vintage jewelry.  At the same time it was important that the flower would be plain and flat, because already due to its color the strong yellowish flower would be such a dominant element in the drawing.

I created the drawing layer by layer starting from greyish pencil layers and finishing with yellow colored pencil layers.

Along the way the real vivid yellow flowers were giving an inspiration for this drawing and created that extra yellow glow in the whole studio. And at the same time the white chrysanthemums were reminding to cherish also those subtle and sensitive shades in the pencil drawing.

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