Golden heart

Happy Valentine´s Day! 💗

Today one might just find that golden heart!
Is it a random friendly smile or an unexpected act of kindness - or even that special beautiful soul with a heart of gold…?

The Valentine´s Day illustration above was created by drawing the character on to the black paper - and then creating the floral dress with roses. The illustration became a combination of black paper, mystic rich colors and golden details. It was nice to create the Valentine´s day atmosphere on to a black paper for a change - when comparing for example to older Valentine´s Day themes and rose dresses on white paper (you can see the few of the older Valentine´s Day dresses in here).

But this time it was all about building that Valentine´s Day mood on to a black paper. And against that dark paper also the colors of the roses seemed to be especially strong and glowing too. Below there´s memories of the moment when I was completing the floral dress and observing those glowing roses from the shadows...

And what about that shimmering heart then…? Guess sometimes one has to look at the reality closely from a different angle to see that glowing golden heart.

Happy Valentine´s Day to blog readers!  I created this drawing to thank you all - you are gold! 🧡

Thank you also for all your likes, comments and follows on the social media. And a big Valentine´s Day hug to all you creative souls out there!

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