Rose dresses for Valentine´s Day

Happy Valentine´s Day to blog readers <3

Here´s rose dresses for Valentine´s Day…  Which one is your favourite?

Some days are just fulfilled with rosy thoughts… And creating this illustration meant diving into the reality made of roses.

Even the rose petals can tell stories.

To this illustration I designed  the two characters and their dresses with very traditional Valentine´s Day colors and styles. Pink and red roses and rose petals were giving just that right atmosphere to the illustration.

The dress made out of pink roses... Valentine´s Day just like a fairytale.

The character with the pink dress had final touches to her style with a twist of fresh green. That small touch of fresh lime green gave that extra twist into the colors of the character. That same green can be seen in some of the petals of the pink roses. But I also emphasized those same lime green shades when drawing especially the eyes of the character.

As a result in the picture below you can see that lime green shade from the rose petals matching with the greenish colors in the eyes of the character. 

The character with the red dress had a different style with strong red colors combined with the brown and warmer orange shades in the drawing. The dress was completed with deep red roses.

The both characters were having their own style and look. But in the end it was also important to keep the both characters similar enough when presented together in the same illustration. And this time it was all about unifying the characters but also the pink and red roses.

Finally the illustration was completed with the surrounding roses, petals and rose leaves.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Valentine´s Day <3


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