Sandcastle was initially inspired by a dream. A drawing based on that dream led then way for the Sandcastle to be built also as an website. And ever since that sandy vision has accompanied the artist on her journey.

Nowadays Sandcastle can be built on the Finnish lake shore – and is decorated with wildflowers. And yet in the same time it can gently float in the sea of the Internet. And in that magical place where those realities merge... also the ideas and dreams can bloom.

Through the years Sandcastle.fi has followed the development of artistic approaches and variety of techniques. The journey with art still continues to be a fascinating adventure. It is a journey into art where dreamy elements are playing with the reality - and illustrations can be completed with wildflowers.

Today Sandcastle.fi blog dives into imagination and opens the creative process behind the artworks. It has become a sandbox of ideas, where imagination and creativity can play. Sandcastle´s blog and social media channels celebrate the creative energy and embrace the connection with the blog readers, bringing together creative minds. Sandcastle.fi encourages to dive into the imagination and to get carried away with the creativity!

Through the years the new ideas and channels have also shaped Sandcastle´s story.  Sandcastle has been rebuilt and redefined after that very first dreamy vision. Because after all... Even life itself is a bit like sandcastle. And the most important thing is to build again.


Artist Sanna of the Sandcastle is originally from Finland. She has been drawing since a little girl being inspired by the Finnish nature and mythology - and fantasy and fairy tales.

Sanna was inspired by the magical midsummer in Finland and she then started to complete her illustrations with Finnish wildflowers. That enchanting moment is still blooming in her floral dress designs, illustrations and art. And those wildflowers have grown to be a part of the story.

Sanna also likes to bring different styles and elements together - whether it is an illustration, more playful character design or even highly detailed artwork. Sanna works both in traditional and in digital media and she enjoys projects that combine art, illustration, storytelling and content creation.

Sanna has a degree in graphic design and media communication. But she has also studied fine art and traditional oil painting in Italy and in some of her works you might see a glimpse of the old master´s painting techniques being combined with a modern twist.

In addition Sanna also creates commissioned portraits and art. Especially the vintage portraits, fairy tale portraits as well as the pet portraits have been popular. For example the vintage portrait drawing can portray a person in vintage style in imaginery surroundings... And the fantasy portrait can sometimes even portray a pet in a historical costume.

Sanna has taken part in several exhibitions in the past years. Sanna has joined group exhibitions for example in Finland and in the Bankside Gallery in London, UK. Sandcastle´s latest solo exhibition was in an amusement Park in Finland presenting then a wide selection of original illustrations and portraits.