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Techniques of the Old Masters: William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Over the years I´ve studied the techniques of the old masters for example in Italy. I have already before shared a few photos of my so called eternity and practicing projects. And here are some more work in progress photos from my paintings (studying the amazing Bouguereau style). In these pictures the paintings are still at early and a bit rough stage. In this point getting the right colors, shapes and balance into the canvas was the most important task before continuing to next stages or detailing.

Learning from the great old masters sure is an eternity project - but really fascinating one!

Especially William-Adolphe Bouguereau has always been one of my favorites <3
You can read more about Bouguereau for example in here.

Pinacoteca di Brera

I finally got the chance to visit the Pinacoteca Brera in Milano.
The Pinoteca di Brera website (also virtual gallery in there):

I´ve waited the possibility to go through this entrance for a long time...

For me the highlight of the visit was to see the amazing paintings of Francesco Hayez.

Especially to see the "Il Bacio" in real life. More info about the painting:


And the "Odalisca" from Hayez too.


But this room became my favourite for other reasons too.


Because the same room had also other treasures: the beautiful landscape painting called "Paesaggio lagunare" from Guglielmo Ciardi and from Girolamo Induno the painting called "Triste Presentimento". And also paintings from Giovanni Fattori.

Below is photo of very effective work from Pellizza da Volpedo (Giuseppe Pellizza) called " Human flood".

In Palazzo Pitti in Florence


One of my favourite places in Florence is Galleria D'Arte Moderna in Palazzo Pitti. Great portraits every time! More about the paintings in



This photo below is from the Palatine Gallery (also in Palazzo Pitti). Located on the left wing of the Palazzo, the Palatine Gallery includes works of art by Italian and European masters of the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

In the Palatine Gallery all the details, paintings and sculptures are creating a new bigger picture – like a dreamlike reality, where all the elements are melting together. And it´s never enough to stare at all the details. The Palatine Gallery and rooms are one of the places where you just would like to lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling - and it´s almost what I did when taking this photo.


And behind the Palazzo Pitti there´s also the beautiful Boboli Gardens.

Techniques of the Old Masters

Over the years I´ve also studied the techniques of the old masters. Here´s work in progress picture from my unfinished paintings - reminding that learning from the great old masters is an eternity project.

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